Our Preferred Providers

We are pleased to collaborate with other amazing women-led business owners and practitioners to bring you complimentary modalities to serve all your wellness needs. 

'The Beauty Barn' Award-Winning Spa


Located in Brantford, Ontario, Canada, this beautiful spa is owned by Corrie Gallant, a philanthropist and founder of the amazing annual event  ‘Awakening to Better Beauty’, dedicated to serving women going through cancer treatment. Click here to visit their website.

 Corrie is an award winning esthetician and she has a background in esthetics, massage, holistic esthetics / medical esthetics and oncology esthetician. 

Services Offered

The Beauty Barn offers a variety of services, as well as events and cleaner & safer product lines, including:

  • Skin Therapy & Facial Treatments

  • RMT Massage 

  • Kevin Murphy Hair Salon 

  • Medical Esthetics 

  • Lash & Brow services 

  • Hand and Foot Treatments


The Fulfilled Pharmacist


Lisa is a pharmacist of 34 years. She is a life coach and Amazon Best Selling Author of the book she coauthored with her sister, Tiny Life Changes. She is passionate about health and well-being and was recently named Singlecare’s Most Influential Pharmacist of 2020. Click here to visit her on Instagram.

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Lisa also has a passion for empowering women to gain freedom from bladder issues and founded The Fulfilled Pharmacist. She truly believes you can achieve your goals and dreams one step and one day at a time. When she is not encouraging others to live a healthy lifestyle, she loves spending time with her family!

Client & Collaborator

After working with Juliana on getting her own DNA tested, she hosted Juliana live, on Instagram, for an inspiring conversation on how functional genetic testing can help you live your best life in midlife! Watch the replay

Read about her experience working with Juliana here.

The Healing Place - Movement & Mindfulness


Sherry's Breath, Movement & Thought Foundational approach helps women in midlife and beyond create a stronger, mobile body, calmer mind and positive mindset to step into their best lives. From memberships to challenges to programs, there is something for everybody to enjoy. Click here to visit her website.

The Healing Place Virtual Community Studio is a sanctuary for women in midlife and beyond, where empowering movement, mindful breathing, and self-love converge to create a stronger, mobile body, calm mind & positive mindset.

Services Offered

At The Healing Place, Sherry offers various services, including:

  • In-Person & Virtual Classes

  • Mindful Midlife 6-Month Program 

  • Love The Skin You're In Membership

The Space Reclaimers - Release The Weight Of Your Clutter


Louise is a professional home organizer,  organizing coach and consultant who's helped hundreds of women who are tired of the chaos, create a clutter-free home that they love!

She is a master at helping you RELEASE clutter in a way that is sustainable and overwhelm-free! Click here to learn more about Decluttering Routines: Building Daily Habits In 7 Days! 


If you’re tired of living in what feels like chaos, then this is for you. Unlock the "From Mess to Peace" method and go from feeling unorganized and overwhelmed to being in control and ready to welcome guests anytime. It is time to release the clutter and live a lighter and more joyous life!

Services Offered

At The Space Reclaimers, Louise offers various services, including:

  • Private Coaching with Louise

  • Reclaim Your Space Exclusive Membership

  • 'Inspiring Calm' Podcast

Ana Ruiz - Relationship Coach


 Ana helps women in a relationship, stop worrying and finally feel safe and secure.

After many family struggles, she was successful in her career, financially independent, and had great friends, but had a string of failed relationships. 

She has since attracted a great man into her life and together they have a loving relationship based on trust, safety, respect, love, care, support, and acceptance of each other.

She now helps other women do the same!

If you want to experience a long-term relationship with healthy communication, plenty of attraction, where you get your needs met and feel supported and challenged in positive ways, Ana can help you!

Services Offered

Ana Ruiz offers various services, including:

  • 1:1 Coaching sessions for individuals

  • 1:1 Coaching sessions for couples

For full details, please visit her website here.

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About Juliana Leamen

Juliana Leamen, MSc, FDN-P, BFRP  is a Board Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and her mission is to help women 50+ to regain control of their health and release weight naturally. She is inspired to collaborate with and share the work of like-minded service professionals, helping women in midlife get to their health and wellness goals and make the rest of their lives, the healthiest and happiest yet.