Navigating Breast Implant Decisions With Corrie Gallant

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Navigating Breast Implant Decisions With Corrie Gallant



In today's episode, we have a very special guest, Corrie Gallant, from the Beauty Barn Spa.

Corrie shares her experience of getting her breast implant removed, as well as the lessons she learned and the things that she wished she knew before she got her implants in her 20's. 

We also talk about the shift in priorities as she aged and how she was able to tap into her inner confidence, considering the difference in her own beauty standards as the decades went by. 

If you are or know a woman that is considering getting breast implants or getting them removed, this is a very valuable conversation!


Listen now to learn…  

  • Embracing natural beauty and individuality
  • The impact of informed decision-making on personal well-being
  • Corrie's experience getting her breast implants removed
  • What she wish she knew before she got breast implants in her 20s
  • Addressing concerns about breast implants, what one needs to know!
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About Corrie Gallant…  

Corrie is an award winning esthetician and she has a background in massage, medical and oncology esthetics , reflexology, reiki, and crystal sound bowl therapy. She stands at the helm of The Beauty Barn Spa, an award-winning day spa and event center nestled in Brantford, Ontario. She is a philanthropist and founder of the amazing annual event ‘Awakening to Better Beauty’, dedicated to serving women going through cancer treatment. As a second-generation spa owner, Corrie brings a rich blend of expertise, compassion, and a profound commitment to holistic wellness to her thriving establishment and clients.

Here is where you can find her: 


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