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Nutrition and Wellness Solutions for Natural Weight Release


Are you tired of yo-yo diets, feeling hungry all the time, your clothes not fitting right and feeling like “this is it”?! Do you want to lose stubborn weight for good, eat good food, finally sleep through the night, re-connect with your partner and have energy to spare? If you answered yes to these questions, let’s talk!

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Using the principles of Holistic Nutrition, learn how real food can help transform your life. Healthy eating does not need to be complicated, but it sure can be delicious! We can help you craft the right plan that works with your schedule, no matter how busy you are!

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Emotional wellness is a crucial part to any healing process, and of special importance during a weight release journey. By using Bach Flower remedies, a modality discovered over 80 years ago by a British doctor, we help you master your emotions in a safe and gentle way.

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Re-claiming our ideal bodies is more than just losing the weight. It is about making food our friend, re-claiming our inner truth and feeling at peace with our emotions. Weight release is a natural and sustainable way to release what no longer serves us, while keeping the weight off, naturally!

The Art of Menu Planning

After almost a decade working in the field of nutrition, I can confidently say that menu planning is an art! The benefits of it go well beyond healthy eating, such as less food waste and more money in your pocket and yet, so few people take advantage of it.

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I teach my clients how to menu plan like pros based on a system I have created over the years called the 3 UNDER 30, my 3-step Block Menu Plan system that, once in place, will take you under 30 minutes a week to plan! Here is what you get:

  • 2 in-person (or online) 90-minute sessions so we can:

    • (1) discuss your eating habits and cooking skills

    • (2) craft a custom plan that fits your health needs

  • 3 weeks worth of delicious recipes delivered to you in an easy-to-use app

  • A pantry revamp exercise with lots of support

  • My Block Menu Planning System so you can continue to plan your menus like a pro

The Healthy Habits Project

The Healthy Habits Project was born out of our passion to change lives. We are an all inclusive program, where everyone feels comfortable to learn and improve upon their health. We go beyond exercising and healthy eating as we make fitness achievable and non-intimidating, while showing you that healthy eating does not require a cooking degree! By joining The Healthy Habits Projects, you will learn to:

  • Reduce your daily stress

  • Eat to support a healthy metabolism

  • Improve your energy levels to do the things you love

  • Increase mobility and healthy movement

  • Develop a positive relationship with food and exercise

  • Practical strategies to build a lifestyle of healthy habits

  • Ultimately, do whatever you want to do!

We will help you get motivated today and tomorrow for sustainable lasting change. It is all about the journey and it all starts with healthy habits.