Are you always busy trying to take care of everything and everyone with little time for yourself, but feeling ready for a change?

Life gets busy and it is so easy to ignore what our bodies are trying to tell us! I work with busy individuals who want to re-discover their ideal bodies, eat healthy, sleep better and feel more energized. If you are tired of your personal emotional roller-coaster and feel ready for a new way, let me show you how to do so with balance and joy! 

Take the 'NATURALLY JOYOUS TEST' so I can help you assess your needs and offer practical and achievable solutions. 


Featured Program


The 90-day S.H.E. System Transformation is perfect for you if you are always busy, wanting to rediscover your ideal body (and heart!), re-set your taste buds AND revamp your mindset! in just 12 weeks, Juliana will help you create a blueprint to wellness in this life-changing online group program!


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If you are local (Waterloo Region, Ontario), Juliana offers in-office consultations, including Nutrition protocols, Wellness & Bach Flower sessions and Energy Healing sessions. Juliana also offers online consultations and various programs, essential oils and professional-grade supplements.

Meet Juliana


Juliana is a passionate nutritionist and energy healing practitioner and ready to help you feel amazing again. Her health struggles have taught her a great deal, and her open-minded approach is her key to success. She now dedicates her time to helping others do the same and would love to help you too!