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Using the principles of Holistic Nutrition, learn how real food can help transform your life. Healthy eating does not need to be complicated, but it sure can be delicious! We can help you craft the right plan that works with your schedule, no matter how busy you are!

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Emotional wellness is a crucial part to any healing process, and of special importance during a weight release journey. By using Bach Flower remedies, a modality discovered over 80 years ago by a British doctor, we help you master your emotions in a safe and gentle way.

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Re-claiming our ideal bodies is more than just losing the weight. It is about making food our friend, re-claiming our inner truth and feeling at peace with our emotions. Weight release is a natural and sustainable way to release what no longer serves us, while keeping the weight off, naturally!

Does your busy life make it difficult to eat healthy? Do you put everyone’s needs ahead of your own? Do you feel ready to re-claim your ideal body?

Take the 'NATURALLY JOYOUS TEST' so I can help you assess your needs and offer practical and achievable solutions that fit your busy lifestyle. 

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The Release Project

Re-claiming our physical space is a key step in expressing the best version of ourselves in 2019, so I created The Release Project, a loving community of like-minded individuals with one shared goal, to live a life of more by having less. Curious about what the project is all about? Join us today (and the best part, it is free!)