Loving The Skin You Are In With Sherry Jibb

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Loving The Skin You Are In With Sherry Jibb

In today's episode, my special guest Sherry Jibb shares her story about loving the skin you are in!

She shares her journey of releasing trauma from her past and finally getting to a place of love and acceptance of self.


Listen now to learn…  

  • How self-forgiveness and self-compassion can transform your life
  • Steps to start loving the skin you are in, today, without changing a thing!


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About Sherry Jibb -

Sherry is passionate about teaching women in midlife how to build a strong foundation so they can thrive and flourish in the middle years. Her foundational approach is built on Moving, Breathing & Thinking in a way that helps women experience a stronger, mobile body, calmer mind and a positive mindset. Sherry is the owner of the Healing Place Yoga & Pilates Virtual and in person Studio and the pioneer of the Online Mindful Midlife Program for Women.

Here is where you can find her:


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