Overcoming Bladder Issues With Lisa King

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Overcoming Bladder Issues With Lisa King

My very special guest today is Lisa King. We talk about bladder health, which contributes largely to lack of confidence in women, especially as we age. Lisa shares her personal healing journey dealing with bladder issues and now she models and educates other women on what to do. We also talk about knowing when to look for help, understanding the role of stress and the mind-body connection. Lisa also shares some physical strategies to help you avoid foods that can irritate the bladder lining, as well as which foods are recommended. This episode is a must for any woman that struggles with bladder issues. 

Listen now to learn…  

  • Lisa’s story and how her bladder issues directly impacted her life
  • The impact of stress and the mind-body connection on bladder issues
  • The different supplements that are recommended for women dealing with bladder issues as well as which types of foods to avoid


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About Lisa King…  

Lisa King is a pharmacist of 34 years. She is a life coach and Amazon Best Selling Author of the book she coauthored with her sister, Tiny Life Changes. She is passionate about health and well-being and was recently named Singlecare’s Most Influential Pharmacist of 2020. She also has a passion for empowering women to gain freedom from bladder issues and founded The Fulfilled Pharmacist. She truly believes you can achieve your goals and dreams one step and one day at a time. When she is not encouraging others to live a healthy lifestyle, she loves spending time with her family!

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