The Doorway to Fulfilling Your Life's Potential with Dana Fonteneau  

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The Doorway to Fulfilling Your Life's Potential with Dana Fonteneau   

My very special guest today is Dana Fonteneau, and in today's episode, we spoke about the fulfilment of our human potential. Dana has an incredible ability to take complex topics and explain them in an easy to understand and apply manner, and this episode was no different! Join us to explore concepts such as the value of self-awareness, why doing the deep, inner work on yourself, is an act of courage, and how pain (physical or emotional) is one of the most loving feedback mechanisms of the human body.

Listen now to learn…  

  • Dana’s simple, yet powerful shift in self-awareness anyone can do, which can transform your life
  • How becoming authentic is one of the most courageous things you could ever do
  • The difference between human potential and various forms of achievement
  • The meaning behind pain (physical and emotional) and why pain is one of the most loving feedback mechanisms we can experience


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About Dana Fonteneau…  

Dana Fonteneau is an executive coach and consultant focused on helping people fulfill their talent and human potential. Her work is informed by her training as a former international concert cellist, a licensed somatic psychotherapist and master Demartini Method Facilitator. Her clients achieve greater self-awareness, health, wealth, impact and fufillment. 

Here is where you can find her: 


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