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Discover mind-body strategies for weight release during peri-menopause and post-menopause. Let's make weight release available to women everywhere!


About Juliana Leamen

Juliana Leamen is a Board Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, University-trained with a Masters Degree in Science and a Certified Functional Genomics Practitioner, among other holistic modalities.

She has been helping women on their weight loss journeys, what she calls weight release, for over a decade now and she is excited to be a preferred provider of The Beauty Barn.

Juliana is also the author of Release - A Woman's Guide To Releasing Weight In Midlife Through Becoming Your Body's Best Friend, which she published in 2022.

She is the host of Confidence From Within podcast, where she had the pleasure of interviewing Corrie Gallant on her show, click here to listen to this exclusive interview.


A Mind-Body Approach

What Makes Us Different

After almost 2 decades studying the body, and later the mind, Juliana brings an unique take to the mind-body connection  by using the power of functional DNA testing to eliminate all the trial-and-error and personalize all recommendations to your body's needs, based on your unique genetic code!

She uses the power of functional DNA testing  to help you achieve your health and wellness goals without one-size-fits-all solution. 

Our services focus on weight management, natural skin health & support, increase in energy levels, improved sleep, reduction in inflammation, and overall health optimization & longevity, exclusive for women in midlife. 

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You are welcome to schedule a private introductory session with us, so we can help you determine the best next step for you. You are also welcome to lean more about our approach, by watching Juliana's Masterclass below on 'Resolving Your Weight Issues In Midlife' 


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Please click below to schedule a private consultation with Juliana if you are a woman over 40 looking for a functional approach to weight management and/or health optimization. 



Release Weight 
Exclusive Training

If you want to release stubborn weight, watch our training on  Breaking Down How To Release Stubborn Weight In Your 50s & 60s With Functional DNA Testing to learn how.



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If you want to get started right away, our introductory package [Functional DNA Personalized Plan] offers you a customizes plan according to your unique needs (via DNA testing).

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'Confidence From Within' podcast is a show dedicated to changing the weight loss conversation for women in midlife, so you can exit the comparison trap, release the negative mind-chatter and rediscover your self-worth.