3 Key Reasons of Weight Loss Resistance

Have you tried many diets but still struggle with excess weight? Have you worked hard to shed some pounds, only to gain it back, and some?! The reason over 90% of diets fail is that people don’t know WHY they gain weight in the first place!

What if you could stop the guessing game and start to make positive changes to your waistline? Releasing excess weight is not just about changing your diet or counting your calories, it is actually much more complex than that. If you understand the basis of what is making it difficult to release the unwanted extra pounds, you will be able to take action and get results. Together we will toss the skinny jeans and focus on getting healthy first!

In this talk, I will share with you the 3 key reasons why so many people struggle to release excess weight and what to do about it.

Want to learn how? Host me (online or in-person at the Waterloo Region) and I will gladly share my knowledge with your group.

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When are you planning the event?