Feeling tired, unhappy with your body and looking for change?

If you feel ready to leave the struggles behind and embrace a life of joy and ease, I am here to help. As a holistic practitioner, I look at health from various angles and my goal is to bring you simple and applied solutions to help you re-gain your ideal body, feel more energized and in touch with the power that lives inside your heart. I combine scientific, evidence-based research with intuition and energy healing concepts to bring you a fresh and unique approach. 

How is my work different?

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After many years of working with women and observing similar struggles, I have created a system that addresses such road blocks and offers structure, support and accountability. 

As we move towards a collective reality, in which we are aware that our actions impact not just ourselves but also everything around us, group programs have become the perfect way to learn, share and integrate new knowledge. With the 90-day S.H.E. System Transformation you will have a chance to do just that! All you will need to do is SHOW UP each day, open your heart and mind and embrace the process! 

How does the program work?

The next group starts in September (2018) and registrations are now open! You will receive access to an introductory video, an in-depth tour of The  S.H.E. System transformational model, both of which you will be able to watch at your own convenience plus 5 live classes (60 min) that will take place on Tuesday nights (8-9 pm). Participants will be able to send in questions for a Q&A session at the end.

You will be given resources to follow along with the videos and recordings will be sent out if you are unable to attend the meeting live. Registrations are now open, only one payment of  $497 plus tax for the entire 12-weeks! If you require a payment plan, please click HERE to request it. 

From busy woman to inner Goddess in 90 days!

You are busy (period!), I know. You also want to regain your ideal body, calm the craze around you and take better care of yourself, but need help getting started. Does this describe you?!

In 90-days I will show you how to better understand your body, activate your heart, re-set your taste buds, improve your sleep habits and expand your mindset! This is a big goal, however, when we feel better, we do better and I believe we can all strive for success. 

My unique approach is actually pretty simple: I will not tell you what to do, instead I will show you WHY and HOW to do it in a simple yet comprehensive way. This is NOT A DIET nor will it feel like one. This is a journey within yourself and outside of yourself, a new way to look at wellness! 

I get excited just to imagine the possibilities, so join me on this journey to better health, great food, deep conversations and great transformation. 

My promise to you... 'I will save you months, and even years, of trial and error", you just need to do your part


Why is this program unique?

Because it is a system! This means you will leave the program with a complete road map that is sustainable and simple to use, to keep you accountable and empowered. This personalized blueprint will continue to guide you on how to love better, eat better, sleep better and enjoy your life more. NO counting calories and NO starving yourself - we will eat real food (and lots of it)! 

Once our time together comes to an end, you will have a nice tool box of options and will gain access to a community of like minded people so you can continue to receive all the love and support you deserve. 

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So what is the S.H.E. System?

Listening to our bodies is key, but understanding what it is trying to tell us and meeting such needs is often harder than it seems. By focusing on the S.H.E. System pillars, we are able to simplify the journey, take measurable and specific steps forward and fell like ourselves again. This program was designed to address 3 core areas that are most impacted by our busy lifestyle:

SLEEP is restoring, important for balancing many physiological processes, but also a time of non-resistance, when our logical mind takes a break so we can practice letting go and surrender. Did you know there is much healing that can take place while you sleep to improve your health?!  

HORMONES are like music, every component needs to play its part for the song to come together. We live in a world of worries, toxins (many being hormonal disruptors) and poor nutrition (needed to build healthy hormones), leaving us depleted and struggling to get by. There is a lot that we can do to re-balance our body's own melody naturally, regain our ideal bodies, improve our mood and love the way we feel.  

ENERGY is the currency of your essence and it seems to be in short supply these days. Who would not like to sleep more, feel more rested and energized?! Our bodies house our many energy systems and by looking at our bed routine, foods we eat and information we bring to our awareness, much transformation is possible. 

What will the journey look like?

In 90-days, we will meet 5 times, once every 2 weeks for one hour for a live group web call. During the call I will help you build each area of your wellness blueprint, as well as support you through a private community of like-minded people.  All calls will be recorded if you are not able to attend live.The last call, on week 12 is a live Q&A in which I will answer any last questions you may have so you can move ahead as empowered woman in this busy world. 


This program is NOT for you if...

  • You are not motivated and looking for a magic pill
  • You are not ready to let go of what is holding you back
  • You are not ready to commit and is looking for someone else to do all the work for you
  • You are afraid of making mistakes
  • You are not ready to invest in yourself 

However, if you are ready to regain control of your life (and health), want to invest in yourself and need some guidance getting started, then my program is perfect for you. I look forward to meeting you!! 

Your investment: only one payment of  $497 plus tax (payment plans available) for the entire 12-weeks!