Essential Oils for Beautiful Hair

In the video below I share some of DoTerra's hair care products that I use and recommend. 

These are made with excellent ingredients and DoTerra is very transparent about the quality and nature of such products. If you wish to check the status of a specific ingredient or compare to a product you currently use, please check this link for an independent opinion: EWG SKIN DEEP DATABASE

DIY Hair Care with Essential Oils

Here is the recipe I mentioned in the video for a Natural Dry Shampoo - 

They also compiled a list of 10 Hair DIY projects that I would love to share with you by clicking on the image below:

The many essential oils for beautiful hair

Here is a quick guide to get you started! Always start small and test an area before applying any new product, safety first! Also avoid contact with eyes and inner ears. 


Natural Skin Care with EOs

So what about your skin? In the below video I share my favorite tips and my entire facial routine! I hope you enjoy :) 

As part of their commitment to transparency, DoTerra has released a complete list of ingredients in their Verage Skin Care line, click here to read it -


As mentioned in the video, here is my recipe for a Natural After-shave, gender neutral and super easy to make!

I also talked about my favorite body moisturizer recipe, so here it is:

Apply a small amount of DoTerra unscented Hand & Body lotion then one drop of Helichrysum Essential Oil and one drop of Slim (Smart) & Sassy oil and massage the area as needed. 


The two lines we discussed in the video are the Verage and Essential Skin lines, as seen below:

If looking for more details on their Essential Skin Line, please click HERE. DoTerra has also put together a great E-book on natural personal care, so click on the image below to get your copy of it!

Got questions? Click HERE to send me a note!