Essential Oils in my Kitchen

Yes, you can cook with essential oils, but there are other ways you can use them in your kitchen! In this video I share some of my favorite applications for essential oils in the kitchen.



While essential oils can be used to substitute dry seasonings and ingredients, they also make a powerful addition to marinades and dry rubs. You can add a drop of oil to dry seasoning ingredients to add variety to your meal, and extra flavor where you need it, or you can make seasoned salts for a fun way to add flavour. 

Click HERE for my Veggie Wash recipe, as mentioned in the video! This recipe is the main reason why I got an extra bottle of Lemon essential oil to keep in my fridge! You can use with any type of produce, including fruits and leafy greens, I highly recommend! 



The other essential oil I keep in my kitchen is DoTerra Lavender essential oil, which I use often for when I get a small kitchen burn (which surprisingly happens quite often!) 

I apply it directly to the area and it has helped me greatly with reducing redness and sensation of pain, a must-have in my kitchen explorer's opinion! 



My garden experiment

Aside from tasting great with fresh tomatoes, Basil essential oil also seems beneficial when growing tomatoes! By adding a drop of the essential oil to my watering can once every couple of weeks, I got an asweome harvest that year, so I now use it every year :) 


How to cook with essential oils?

As mentioned in my video, only use oils that have been identified as GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe), or consult your health care practitioner if unsure. Not all DoTerra essential oils are safe for consumption, so DoTerra created a great resource to help you get started. 

eating oils.JPG

The amount you use is also key, as mentioned in my video, so the below summary can be used as a guide, but remember that less is more with therapeutic grade essential oils like DoTerra's oils. 


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