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The Weight Release Jump-start Detox

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Hey there! Do you love food but you have to watch what you eat? You want to release excess weight, in fact you have tried many strategies before, you counted your calories, you measured your portions, but the weight did not budge? I totally get it, because I was in your shoes!

I know how it feels to look at the mirror and wish your body looked different, to try almost every piece of clothing in your wardrobe to find nothing that fits right. I used to hide from photos (in case they caught my bad angles) and did not feel as attractive as I once was. I used to feel that all eyes were on me when I ordered something sweet at a restaurant, especially if friends or family were around…

For the last 10 years I contemplated the question “why is it so hard for some people to lose weight and keep it off?” and I finally got some answers for you! The core of my work is to flip weight loss on its head, what I like to call weight release, because feeling healthy and discovering your ideal body is more important than a number on the scale.

…but what if I told you that loving your body at its current size (and not the size you wish to be in the future) is the key to a happy life? What if we could make some changes to remove what no longer serves you, so you can start to actually see your body for its beauty and become its best friend?

I am pleased to introduce you to the Weight Release Jump-Start Detox, a live group program designed to bring a new perspective to your weight issues. Thorough a gentle detox and a live 90-minute Masterclass, I will share with you how food and our emotions play a role in our weight loss journey and what to do about it.

The Weight Gain Reality

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The number one thing I hear when a new client sits in front of me is that they did well while restricting their diet, only to regain the weight (and some) once they allowed themselves to eat without restriction. Does this sound familiar?

I can confidently say that you are definitely not alone and there is a way out!

Yes, we live in diet culture and you cannot check your phone without seeing a diet ad these days. But the good news is, after endless hours of research and much trial and error, the answer to your weight issues is within you. When we focus on weight release, we work from the inside out. The goal changes from maintaining the body at a certain size, to learning how to work with it.

Our body is not a problem to be fixed, but rather a source of great inner wisdom. When getting healthy is your main goal, everything changes.


The Possibilities

Imagine for a minute if you could make peace with food and your body, eat healthy tasty meals without feeling deprived, get your body functioning at its best, with energy to spare, a re-discovered confidence and joy for living? Now imagine all this was possible no matter the number on the scale?! Sounds crazy, I know, but it is possible!

The key to getting there is to toss the skinny jeans sitting on the back of your closet, be clear on your big why and focus on getting healthy first. And I am here to show you the way.

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The Weight Release Jump-Start Detox

“Losing weight and keeping it off takes more than counting calories, it takes HEART work”

In this gentle Detox, I will walk you through my unique 5-step process to help you jump-start your weight release journey.

Healthy Gut

Emotional Wellness & Expectations

Appetite Re-boot


Take 30, healthy eating in under 30-min a day!


What is included?

This Mini-course starts with a 90-minute value-packed live Masterclass followed by a live Q&A. I will finally answer the question ‘Why is it so hard to lose weight and keep it off for good’ and will give you tools to start your journey. This is your chance to finally understand what is going on and ask me all your burning questions! If you cannot join us live, a recording will be sent to those who register.

You will also receive my 7-Day Jump-start Detox with delicious and easy to make printable recipes and grocery list (plant-based or meat-based options available).

A beautiful workbook is also included to help you get the most out of our live class and maximize results.


Your investment

It is my ultimate goal to ensure that price is not a barrier for entry to those ready for lasting change when it comes to their weight and overall well-being. So I designed this introductory program to do just that, help you jump-start your weight release journey without breaking the bank!

In case we haven’t met yet…

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Juliana is the creator of Naturally Joyous, a passionate Mind-Body Weight Release Expert, University-trained with a Masters degree in Science, and certified in Holistic Nutrition. She is an international speaker, energy healing practitioner and kitchen explorer. Her work focuses on bridging the gap between evidence-based science and alternative modalities to help you re-claim your ideal body and release the emotional baggage that no longer serves you.  

After many years suffering from chronic pain, undergoing spinal surgery and struggling with her weight herself, Juliana is the proof that by focusing on getting healthy first, much transformation is possible.

She now runs her practice out of Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada and sees clients around the globe. Her primary goal is to help individuals struggling with stubborn weight with their diet and lifestyle for a natural and complete approach to weight release.


Is this program for you?

This Mini-course and Detox are right for you if:

  • You’ve struggled with your weight most of your life and never understood why

  • You look at thin people that eat so much and wonder why they can do so but you have to watch what you eat

  • You’ve tried every diet, bought programs and exercise machines that gather dust in the basement (shelf-help)

  • You are fully committed, you already follow a restrictive diet, you even lost some weight but could not keep it off

  • You currently work really hard to maintain your current weight, but wish to see real change when looking in the mirror


This program is NOT for you if…

  • You want a magic pill

  • You prefer fast weight loss than natural & safe weight release

  • You are not willing to do “the work”

  • You want others to fix the problem for you (this journey is all about team work!)


Still not sure?

If you feel ready to transform your body naturally, but still have questions, I would love to here from you. Please send me your questions by clicking HERE.

Medical Disclaimer

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