Who makes the products available at The Natural Shop?

Juliana is the owner and creator of Naturally Joyous, a lifestyle company dedicated to natural wellness. She mindfully creates and curates specialty products to enhance your weight release journey.

Naturally Joyous was born from a life-long dream to inspire others to take better care of themselves, going from mind-full to mindful in a journey towards wellness. After spending many years in the busy corporate world and facing many health struggles, Juliana understands first hand the impact stress has on the body, and she is living proof that with the proper tools, anyone can live a life of love and joy. 

How were the available products selected?

Juliana dedicates her time to help busy individuals who are ready for change discover their ideal bodies and create sustainable lifestyle changes. She is a big supporter of crafting a daily practice that fits your lifestyle, such as meditation or taking some time for a warm cup of tea, to help us re-set, find balance and inner peace. All available products are personally curated to enhance your weight release journey, and Juliana uses them herself on a daily basis.

What is an aromatherapy jewelry?

It is a piece of jewelry that contains at least one lava bead, which is a porous bead that essential oils can be applied to. You do not have to apply scents to your aromatherapy jewelry, but you are welcome to. For questions on which essential oils to select, please click HERE to read more or CONTACT US and we will be happy to assist you.



What is a mala?


They can be simply described as a long necklace, comprised of 108 beads and can be used to assist with meditation practices or used as a reminder to live a mindful and intentional life. Juliana wears hers as a way to honour all the beauty that surrounds her and as a reminder to continue living her life from a place of love and trust.

Also commonly used for Mantra Meditation, these high vibrational Malas are hand-made by Juliana from her heart to yours. All the designs are her creations and produced in limited quantities. Most of Naturally Joyous' Malas contain at least one lava bead, so you are able to apply essential oils to them to enhance your experience.


How can I be sure what bracelet size is right for me?

If you are unsure about sizing, please send Juliana a message at time of purchase and she will be able to finalize the details before your order is made. She is able to customize pieces to fit your needs perfectly!


Is an essential oil sample included with my purchase?

Yes! A small sample (about 9 to 11 drops) is included with your purchase of any aromatherapy jewelry if you requested it at check out. Essential oils used are CPTG tested (certified pure and tested grade) by DoTerra International. Please note we cannot be responsible for any reactions to the essential oils, so please avoid any contact to ears, eyes and any other sensitive areas and test on a small area if applying to the skin.


 Got another question? Please click HERE to contact us. We will be happy to hear from you!