Essential Oil Research

Over the last few years, DoTerra has invested greatly in creating state-of-the-art laboratory facilities, as well as develop strong partnerships with many industry leaders in essential oil research. The short video below explains:

DoTerra also counts with the support and expertise of resources such as the APRC (Aromatic Plant Research Centre), which focus on testing and research of essential oils. Click HERE to read more about their work. 

Experts estimate that 80% of commercially available “pure” essential oils are adulterated in some way. Our mission is to provide individuals with a reliable source for verifying essential oil purity.
— APRC (Aromatic Plant Research)

Another great resource is Aromatic Science, a website dedicated to gathering available essential oil research. You can browse studies that have been recently added, search by body systems, select specific essential oils you wish to read more about or select specific chemical constituents, such as thymol or beta-caryophyllene. This is a fantastic resource for the scientist in you! Click on the image below to acces this great resrouce. 

DoTerra's Integrative Health Care

In 2017, DoTerra announced some big plans in the Health Care world and has launched a new website to help Wellness Advocates become part of their movement to improve health care in the US, with hopes to expanding internationally some day - 

DoTerra has enlisted a team of expert healthcare professionals and partners to establish medical clinics across the US. Clinical research will validate the efficacy of essential oils in improving patient outcomes and lowering the cost of patient care. Medical providers in the clinics will be licensed MDs, DOs, and other healthcare practitioners and their medical staff will be experienced in both modern western medicine as well as integrative approaches such as essential oil treatment. Clinics will have essential oil samples to be given to patients, but full bottles will be purchased directly from Wellness Advocates like us! 

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