There, I said it! Yet, many people still use this approach when trying to release excess weight. One of my favorite ways to look at it was illustrated by Gary Taubes, in his book ‘Why we get fat’. Based on Gary’s example, if we were to overeat by as little as 20 kcal/day without compensating with more physical activity, in 30 years we would go from lean to obese. Wait, what?!

Here is the math:

  • 20 kcal/day x 365 days = approx. 7,300 kcal

  • 7,300 kcal divided by 3,500 kcal (the amount of calories equivalent to 1 lb. of fat) = approx. 2 pounds per year

  • 2 lbs per year x 30 years = 60 lbs of extra weight

Say someone is 5 feet 6 inches and weighs 154 lbs in their 20s (normal weight). Based on the math above, if they overate by 20 kcal/day for 30 years, their weight in their 50s would be 214 lbs, taking them from lean to obese (check my RESOURCES tab for a BMI calculator).

What does 20 kcal/day represent?

Less than 1 cup of broccoli!!


As per Gary’s point, if the calories in/calories out rule was valid, we would have to monitor our diets with an accuracy of 1% (20 kcal in a 2,000 kcal/day diet) to be able to maintain our weight as we age, which would simply be impossible.

Our adipose tissue (what some call fat tissue) is not a static container that holds excess calories. It is actually a metabolically active tissue that even produces hormones, such as leptin. So thinking of weight loss as just a calorie game will leave you hungry and unsatisfied!!

So what can you do? Well, there are many ways to look at natural weight release, but the first step is to look at the quality of what we eat, instead of just focusing on quantity!

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