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Bach Flowers is a holistic modality, comprised of 38 different remedies, discovered by a Medical Doctor, Dr. Bach, in the 1930s to help individuals manage their emotions in a natural and approachable way. Dr. Bach understood, even after all his medical training, that our physical body and emotional body cannot be seen as separate entities when in a search for balance and wellness. His remedies are a safe and effective way to peel the "onion layers" to help individuals find inner peace and achieve remarkable results. From managing anger, to grief, sadness, overwhelm, and fears, Bach Remedies have helped many achieve emotional balance.


Juliana has used Bach Flowers for several years and she and her family have seen tremendous benefits since introducing them to their lives over 20 years ago! Bach Flower remedies can be used as single remedies or in combinations, which is determined after an initial session. She now uses Bach Flowers to complement her Weight Release Protocols, which includes proper nutrition, mindfulness techniques and other lifestyle modifications. She holds a level 3 Bach Flower certificate and works under her grandparents, both Bach Foundation Registered Practitioners (BFRP).

If you are interested in booking an in-person session, please call our office at 519-804-1697 or click below to book online. Local sessions are offered at the Waterloo Region at the Perfect Balance Wellness Centre (125 Bedford Rd, Kitchener). For online sessions (via Zoom), the remedy will then be mailed to you.


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At Naturally Joyous, we also offer Holistic Nutrition sessions, Energy Healing sessions, professional-grade supplements and therapeutic grade essential oils to help you with your many needs. 

We believe that a healthy lifestyle is a combination of proper nutrition & hydration, movement and emotional well-being. The many strategies we offer are designed to help you find the best version of yourself and we would be pleased to assist you in your journey to wellness.