Meeting Juliana

Juliana is a Mind-Body Weight Release Expert, University-trained with a Masters degree in Science, and certified in Holistic Nutrition. She is passionate about bridging the gap between evidence-based concepts and alternative modalities. She felt in love with nutrition back in 2005, making it her career and hobby and has been practicing energy healing for over 18 years. She is also a Bach Flower practitioner. Juliana’s story is filled with ups and down, as she navigated a degenerative spinal condition, weight fluctuations, chronic fatigue and history of migraines, but she never lost hope! Today, her vibrant health and upbeat mindset are proof that no matter what cards you were dealt, we can all transform our lives.


Transforming with food

She created Naturally Joyous for busy women struggling with stubborn weight, because she knows first hand how it feels to be uncomfortable in your own body. Healthy eating is often perceived as hard or time-consuming, but it is also one of the most important things you can do to change how you feel, so she made it her mission to share all she knows to bring transformation to others. Health for Juliana is a state of mind, and so is 'dis'-ease. After almost two decades of struggles, she made a decision to be healthy and to be able to enjoy life to its fullest. She now dedicates her time to helping those ready to re-claim their ideal body, shedding the extra pounds, while improving their quality of life significantly.


Caring about how we feel

Juliana’s approach also takes into account how we feel (often overlooked in the weight loss world), making meaningful changes possible. It is now time for us to re-connect with our inner-power and start loving ourselves again, nourishing all aspects of our lives, from body, mind and soul, so we can become more capable of caring for ourselves and our families in a balanced and centered way. Caring about how we feel is not greedy nor selfish, it is our responsibility, and the quicker we realize it, the happier our lives will become. Through the power of Bach Flower Remedies and Energy Healing techniques, Juliana is able to help you dissolve unwanted emotions, release self-sabotaging patterns and tap into your true potential.

letting it go.jpg

Releasing - the letting go process

Our physical space, our bodies and our emotions all play a role in our health journey and releasing the old to welcome the new allows you to make space for the transformation you wish to bring into your life. A big part of a weight release journey is having the courage to let go of our comfort zone and explore a new version of ourselves, so learning to let go is actually a big deal. Juliana crated The Release Project, a growing online community to help support you on this journey. We are better together, and everything we do has an impact on everyone else, so when we let go of what no longer serves us, we are automatically expanding love into the world.


Her food philosophy


Juliana is an intuitive eater and likes to call herself a flexitarian, which basically means she listens to her body and eats with the seasons. She is passionate about real home-cooked meals, family time spent in the kitchen and gardening (in her small urban garden that is!). She makes a point at avoiding processed foods (especially the sugary type!), and continues to surprise herself at how much she enjoys spicy foods :) She will try everything at least once, but eats mostly plants. She lives a very busy life, so food must be healthy but quick to make!

Having spent the first 20 years of her life in Brazil, she now lives in Canada and feels deeply grateful for the abundance of healthy foods she now has access to. In fact, feeling grateful for each bite of food is one of the ways she transformed her relationship with her body, and she now teaches how to re-connect with the fact that food is our friend. So easily these days we lose sight of what food really is and use the excuse of “convenience” to justify poor choices. No matter how busy life gets, there is always a way to eat healthy, you are worth it, don’t compromise!

Through her years of education, Juliana studied our agricultural food systems and the contrasting world of holistic nutrition. She then spent a few years in the food manufacturing world, learning about how food gets processed. All her fascinating life experiences have offered her a broad perspective on what healthy really means and helped tailor her balanced and open-minded approach to wellness. She believes that our bodies have an innate sense of health and she can help you reconnect with it. No matter how challenging life looks, remember that health is your birth right, so let’s re-claim it, naturally.