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Hi there! I am Juliana, a real food nutritionist and activator of people's hearts so they can let their light shine. I am passionate about eating for your needs and an energy healing practitioner, happy wife, animal lover, international speaker, and kitchen explorer. I specialize in using food to nourish the body and personal empowerment, with focus on overcoming hormonal imbalances, fatigue, chronic pain, anxiety, weight issues and sleep problems. I believe that a healthy lifestyle starts with loving yourself and I will help you do just that!

I also believe that a joyful body is a healthy body, and finding a way back into my heart was a changing moment in my healing journey, the reason why today I dedicate myself to this very cause. Joy, an emotion that was missing from my life for a very long time (as I focused on "surviving" each day of my busy chaotic lifestyle), is now the core of my work. Even my business, Naturally Joyous, was born out of this large shift in my life. Joy is within you (i.e. Joyous), we just need to re-activate it in our hearts. 

I was a proud self-proclaimed busy hard-working woman, with almost no time for the important things in my life, including myself! As time went on, the price I had to pay to keep my busyness afloat became quite steep and my chronic pain, which was a constant in my life for over a decade, started to get worse. My long history of disabling migraines, muscle spasms and later in life fatigue were the catalyst for change and today I am actually grateful for their presence in my life. I now know that pain and discomfort are mainly a way for our bodies to talk to us. In my case it felt like my body was "yelling at me", to be honest, but that is because I was just not listening! 

Over the years I changed my diet, dedicated all my studies and degrees to growing my nutritional knowledge, and I began to see a whole new world of possibilities opening up for me. I luckily have loved the kitchen from a very young age, as cooking was an essential component of my healing journey. Looking back, my love for food started early in my childhood while making cheesy baked potato and carrot puree after watching cooking shows on TV. (P.S. seeing the number of kid cooking shows these days, I consider myself a pioneer!). Today, this love has grown and it is now pure joy and gratitude for all the nourishment and abundance available and I hope to share this new perspective with you. 


I feel it is now time for us to re-connect with our inner-power in order to start loving ourselves again and nourish all aspects of our lives, from body, mind and soul to move forward as empowered people. As we accept that giving to ourselves first make us more capable of giving to our families in a balanced and centered way, the easier the journey becomes.  It is not greedy, it is not selfish, it is reality and by accepting this simple fact, we become able to let go of the self-sabotaging patterns that keep us from achieving our true potential. If you relate, I would love to help you!

I have 3 core values that are present throughout my work and such beliefs have shaped my life: 

1. We are better together, and everything you do has an impact on everyone around you (so choose love!)

2. Feeding our bodies nourishing meals is a responsibility we should all take seriously (so let's eat real food!)

3. You cannot "do" it wrong, we are all just learning (so embrace your path and go for it!)

The key of such powerful beliefs is that it all start with the Self. You are powerful beyond measure and you can do much good to the world by simply taking better care of yourself. Actions such as forgiveness, compassion and love can go a long way, and when applied to self, they become incredible healing tools. In my case, I would say they were the key I was missing to spring open the doors of healing. 

I have been practicing energy work for over 15 years, have completed a Master's degree in Nutrition, a Bachelors degree in Science and I am Certified in Holistic Nutrition. Over the last few years, I also stared using Aromatherapy and Bach Flower Remedies (Level 1 training) as part of my healing routine and I am very pleased to offer them through my work. 

Don’t eat anything your great-grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food – Michael Pollan

Healthy for me is a state of mind, and so is 'dis'-ease. I have made a decision to be healthy and to be able to enjoy my life and I will do what I can to contribute to this goal. It will never be perfect, but that is okay. And from the organic foods that fill my table to the herbal concoctions that bring me such joy, I feel I am able to live a more authentic life, one I gladly share with the world. When I stopped living in a world of scarcity (from thoughts to words to actions), where good days were the exception, and I started striving for a life of abundance (regardless of my circumstances), in which health and happiness are a priority, everything shifted. I stopped putting others ahead of my body's needs and I embraced my healing journey and the opportunities life presented to me. 

I am an intuitive eater and a plant-based flexitarian who thrives on real home-cooked meals. I eat what my body needs and those needs change all the time. The only food category I carefully avoid is processed foods (especially the sugary and overly processed type). I eat anything real (I am that person what will try almost everything once!), mostly plants, and I take great pleasure in cooking from scratch. I believe food should be healing and nourishing, and I am deeply grateful for its abundance. I am a strong supporter of local farms, home cooked meals and family time spent in the kitchen, which for me is a way of living. So easily these days we lose sight of what food really is and use the excuse of “convenience” to justify poor choices. No matter how busy life gets, I always do my best to eat healthy. I menu plan for the week, I cook in bulk, I make extra snacks and never skip a meal, and these simple choices make it easier for me to prepare for the busy days ahead.

A little bit more about me....

Of all the countries that I’ve spoken in, of all the people that I’ve met in my life, I see one constant – people are struggling with self-worth and this lack is rooted in separation, in not understanding who we truly are. Besides, we live in a busy world with an incredible amount of information thrown at us from every angle, full of contradictions and empty promises, making it nearly impossible for people to discern what is best for them. 

Through my years of education, I studied our agricultural food systems and the contrasting world of holistic nutrition. I have also spent several challenging years finding myself and I am happy to say that through my spiritual journey, I have started to scratch the surface! All the fascinating experiences life has offered me have given me a great perspective of what healthy really means and have helped me find a balanced and open-minded approach. I believe that our body has an innate ability (and desire!) to heal itself and regain balance. All you need is a small step to get started and as you take more and more little steps, things will start to shift. 


As my life began to change, I started to peel the onion layers, one at a time (literally and metaphorically, as I cook with a lot of onions...lol). Some of the layers were hard and painful, and others were exciting and life-changing. The beauty of my story is that every step along the way, the right people appeared in my life to offer me the exact help I was looking for, some came and went and others came to stay, and more than ever, I accepted their help with gratitude. 

The most amazing part of my journey and discoveries so far, in my opinion, is that all the teachings often come back to the same point, Self-love and Self-acceptance. I have always been a confident person, with degrees backing up my name, a great family and great role models, so I would never have guessed that this was the foundation of my problems. The truth is, degrees, titles, achievements… none of them really matter at the end. The experiences you get from them, the people you meet along the way, the challenges you face in the process, that’s what matters. And in my case, by acknowledging who I really was, seeing the beauty in my talents and my perceived imperfections and embracing my enthusiastic, colourful and creative soul, I rediscovered the meaning of health. So no matter how challenging life looks like, remember that your mission is important, so let me help you get the best out of it (and have some fun in the process!). 

I am blessed with an incredible husband, who was able to wait for me to take the longer road to get here, and a great family & friends and all the love we share is reflected in the work I do and in every aspect of my life. As you walk alongside me, I will offer you a piece of my heart and I hope I can touch yours too! 

With much love